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Coin Sorter/Counter-Cassida

Choose from a large selection of manual and electronic coin counters & sorters that offer outstanding performance at the lowest prices possible.

Electric or Manual we have the ultimate combination off high speed and ease of use with the added capability to assist you in packaging coins into coin wrappers at very high speeds. Coin Counters are designed with a large base to offer greater stability than some other coin counters, while still maintaining a slim and compact space-saving design. Our Coin Counters also feature a large tilting coin tray for inspecting and feeding the coins into the coin hopper. This tray conveniently folds closed for portability and to protect the counter when not in use. Coin Counters have the capability of counting Tokens as well. Call today for more information.

We carry a full line of Semacon and Cassida Counters

#Cassida C100 Coin Sorter /Counter can be Individually Set for each Denomination

Electric-Counter Speed 250 coins per minute
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#Cassida C200 is an All-In-One Solution for any coin Handling Needs

Electric Coin Counting Speed 300 Coins/min
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#Cassida C500 Coin Counter Accurately Counts & Bags Multiple Denomitions

Electricp Counter Speed up to 2,200 coin per min.
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#Cassida C850 Rapidly Sorts and Counts High Volumes of Coins


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#Cassida C900 Automatically Sorts & Counts Mixed Coins into Large Bins

Electric Sorts 600 Coin Per Min. Counts & Sorts
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