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Coin Sorter/Counter-Cassida > #Cassida C850 Rapidly Sorts and Counts High Volumes of Coins

Coin Sorter/Counter-Cassida : --#Cassida C850 Rapidly Sorts and Counts High Volumes of Coins

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Real Performance
The Cassida C850 makes quick work of your coin or token processing, giving you options for counting, wrapping, off-sorting and bagging. With its extended multispeed motorized hopper the C850 holds up to 6500 coins, allowing you to fill and step away while it counts at a rapid 1900 coins per minute.

Durable, heavy-duty design
Engineered for both heavy duty use and easy operation, the C850ís counting and sorting mechanism features 100% extra-durable metal construction to provide you with years of dependable, jam-free service.

Off-sorting made easy
The Cassida C850 rapidly sorts and counts high volumes of mixed coins from its high capacity hopper. Counted coins will then be dispensed into the bag, coin wrapper or container of your choice, while other denominations are off-sorted into a bag or reject tray. Plus, its built-in memory feature allows you to store counts for each denomination to speed processing.
If you are wrapping coins, Cassida offers optional plastic coin tubes to simplify the wrapping process. No additional attachment is necessary.

Customer feedback led to C850
We listened to your feedback, so we designed the C850 with features youíve asking for in a heavy duty coin sorter including a 2-speed motorized hopper that prevents jamming and a forward facing coin reject. If you need a machine to better manage your coin processing operations, the C850 is what youíve been waiting for.

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Technical specifications:

Model: C850
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Typical use: large business, vending
Counting speed: Up to 1,900 coins/min
Hopper capacity: 6,500 coins (dimes)
Off-sorting function: Standard (counts one denomination and sorts out all others)
Wrapping function: Standard (requires coin wrapping tubes)
Operating modes: Counting, adding and batching modes
Countable coins: All US and Canadian coins
Countable tokens: All US and Canadian tokens
Coin diameter range: 0.59" - 1.34" (15 - 35mm)
Coin thickness range: 0.04" - 0.13" (1.0 - 3.5mm)
Batching range: Preset or 0 - 9,999
Weight: 10 lb. (9.6 Kg)
Dimensions: 10.2" x 13.7" x 13.7" (W x D x H)
Power source: 110VAC, 60Hz
Options: Coin wrapping tubes



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Price: $819.00

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