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Bill to Bill Changer Front Load > #BC 2500FL Bill Breaker to Remotely Receive Cassette Empty & $1-$100 Acceptance

Bill to Bill Changer Front Load : --#BC 2500FL Bill Breaker to Remotely Receive Cassette Empty & $1-$100 Acceptance


Bill Breakers

With the ever-increasing amount of coin-op options, you need to provide your customers with several bill and coin changer options to keep them using your services. The new Bill Breaker bill-to-bill and bill-to-bill & coin changers provide the perfect solution. With the addition of the Bill Breaker to our existing line of front- and rear-load changers, Rowe International provides one of the most complete lines of changers available today. Reliability is what counts most when considering bill changers for your locations. And with Rowe International you can trust that the quality and dependability is built into every one we make.

OUTGOING BILLS Reliable Puloon VCDM bill dispenser Dispense Direction: Short edge first Dispense Speed: 3 bills / second Each bill cassette capacity: 400 used bills/500 new bills

BC 2500-4

Front Load, $5, $10, $20, $50 and $100 bills in, three denominations out. 

  • Standard Features for Dual Denomination Models:
  • Equipped with reliable Mars 2611-U5E bill acceptor.
  • 4 way bill acceptance.
  • Fast Feed Shut-down capable.
  • 1 Medico Lock Included
  • One 500 bill acceptor stacker.
  • Reliable Puloon VCDM  bill dispenser, (4) four cassette holds 400 bills each. (1600 total)
  • Cassette 1 & 2 & 3 & 4 Capacity of  400 used (1600)
  • Reject tray capacity of 20 notes.
  • Unique alpha numeric display for customer & help information.
  • 1 year warranty.
    • 2 year warranty on MEI acceptors and Puloon bill dispensers
    • 1 year warranty on changers


  • Height: 38.62 inches
  • Width: 12.06 inches
  • Depth: 18.25 inches
  • Weight: 150 pounds

Power 120 VAC, 60Hz, 230W/3.5A


Remote audit reporting 

  Wireless PCI-compliant USA Technologies credit card system 

   Mounting base 

   Top filler 

   Custom exterior graphics

Download Specifications Sheet


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Price: $8,460.00
Front Load / Dual-Note Bill Dispenser with 4 Cassettes
1098 E. Beckes Lane
Vincennes, IN 47591
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